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Maximize ROI

We enable businesses to apply enhancements to any web application, including those offered by contemporary SaaS providers. This allows businesses to bridge the gap between current and optimal workflows, improve productivity and performance, and derive maximum value from web applications.

Reduce Technical Debt

Bringing in new apps to fill gaps in functionality can result in bloated budgets and hidden costs which negatively impact your business. Our technology helps businesses avoid these pitfalls by increasing their technical agility and allowing them to deliver more functionality, faster.

Achieve Digital Adoption

You don’t have to choose between a monolithic suite or a massive portfolio of best-of-breed apps. Our platform makes it possible to create a seamless user experience across all applications whether they are homegrown or off-the-shelf, making it easier for your business to harness your web apps for digital transformation.

Our Mission

One of our platform's greatest strengths is the simplicity by which its users can transcend the limitations and complexities that IT organizations often encounter as they drive toward digital transformation.

Our mission is to provide innovators with the tools to achieve their business goals by overcoming these obstacles and adding vitally important functionality to any web application within their portfolio.

Transform your Digital Business

Today, technology is a fundamental business strategy. Customers demand increased technological capabilities combined with ease of use. Our technology easily integrates with businesses’ existing applications enabling business leaders to deliver robust, innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience, while also providing increased security and control.

Some examples include:

  • Enhancing customer engagement channels with co-browsing, video chat, and filesharing features
  • Creating collaborative virtual experiences online for sales and service

Run at the Speed of Business

As organizations encounter increased complexity and application sprawl, it can impede their productivity and organizational effectiveness. Moreover, less effective IT only fuels the proliferation of apps which can overwhelm resources and capacity of the IT department to manage them. Our middleware platform can empower IT and solve these challenges by providing an additional layer of functionality and control.

Some examples include:

  • Deliver dynamically-translated applications for global contact center agents.
  • Accelerate onboarding by adding interactive guides and automation to internal applications.
  • Embed custom webhooks for advanced monitoring and data collection.

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